bonded sub.

this is a 125a sub. about 1’ away from the main, for the finished basement. there is only one bus bar, it’s bonded to the back of the panel, all the grnds and neutrals are here. shouldn’t they be separated?

100_0834 (Small).JPG


**[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2]**250.24(A)(5) **

Load-Side Grounding Connections.

[/size][/FONT]**A grounding connection shall not be made to any grounded circuit conductor on the load side of the service disconnecting means except as otherwise permitted in this article.

Thought so, thanx Jeff. seller didn’t want me to call it out. he said “yeah but what could happen, realy who cares…” so i told him, " i do, and so should my client." of course he also told me that the counter outlets didn’t “have” to be gfci.