The screw most likely makes some amount of contact----still looks just plain wrong to me:shock:

Stoller 201.jpg

What looks wrong to you?

The tag should be removed. The screw head should be seated against the bus bar making metal to metal contact.

Just tell em to RIP off the tag and finish screwing it in…the threads are really the issue here so it is probably fine…

lol…Just be sure it was not a sheetmetal screw and they slipped the tag over it…I can’t tell from the image…is the screw green?

**(B) Construction. **Where a main bonding jumper is a
screw only, the screw shall be identified with a green finish
that shall be visible with the screw installed.

Rip off the tag and besure not to leave any under the head. The threads are the issue where the screw enters the cabinet. The contacting face of the screw head IS the electrical connection to the buss.

and…( all together now ) doing BOTH create an EFFECTIVE main bonding jumper…:slight_smile:

The screw is green

Good man Charles…:slight_smile:

Some of the older GE panels shipped with the bond screw installed a couple of turns. It’s possible that this screw was never bound down, and it’s still in the “as shipped” position. You do kinda have to chuckle when you see a big paper tag still under the screw head. I think that elementary school children learn the difference between conductors and insulators in 5th or 6th grade. :mrgreen: