Bonding confusion

two sub panels same house. one strap cut one in place?

Mark, I don’t understand your question.

Since they’re both sub-panels then the neutral and EGC buses must be separated from each other. Seems that they attempted to do this in one panel but still installed the green bonding screw in the neutral bus.

it looks like the copper strap is cut out of the sub in pics 1 and 2 and the silver flat strap is in place in the sub in pic 3?

As Robert pointed out, panel #1 is still wrong. The bonding screw is in place, which has bonded the neutral terminal to the cabinet. In addition, the egc’s are not bonded to the cabinet, which is required.

In the second panel, it appears that the neutrals are properly isolated (the silver strap connects both terminals together, but does not bond the terminals to the cabinet), while the egc’s are properly bonded to the cabinet.

thank you