bonding strip

When feeding one panel (30 amp 2 breakers in a different building) from a 200 amp do I need to use a bonding Strip. I used a 3 wires 10 gauge wire 2 hots and a ground connected the ground to he neutrals coming to the smaller panel and the grounds coming into the smaller panel are connected to a grounding rod in the building. the wire going to the grounding is wrapped around one of the screws mounting the box the wall. So here is my question do I need to use the bonding strip that came with the box it would connect the grounding rod to the grounds in the bigger box??

My apologies but being that this is not a do it yourself forum, I suggest using a qualified electrician for safety’s sake…please. :slight_smile:

I second Larry’s request find a licensed electrician to help you sorry but this is not a DIY forum.

You describe a screw up already. As others have said, hire an electrician. This is not a DIY forum.

You might be able to salvage some of the materials for the electrician.

Ask that question on Ec&m and you get the same answer.