Bonding with PEX

Hi. I did an inspection on a house that had pex piping. The hot water heater had a bonding wire on the 1 ft of copper hot and cold pipes sticking out the top of the water heater. I don’t know if the bond wire was there first and then they replaced all the lines with pex, or they bonded the copper pipes even though the rest was pex. I assume that a bonding wire is not required with pex since it really doesn’t do anything, any thoughts?

You left out one really important piece of information… Electric or NG/LPG ???

You might have followed the same inspector I did. He called out for bonding the water lines because he saw copper stub outs above the water heater. Well for various reasons his client walked and the seller decided to have all the items he called out corrected.

Only problem was the whole house was always PEX. They just used the copper stub out elbows. The electricians bill was there and they charged $174.50 to run a new copper conductor from the panel into the attic and back down to the water heater. What a waste of time and money.