Any sparkys out there or just good on electrical
Can anyone post or send me a site or information on why bonding
ground and neutral in sub panel is unacceptable and why?

Do a search Rafael, it’s been covered on this board many, many times.

here is one where it is mentioned;

Sure…visit and view the forum.

Paul…also there’s the “Gnd and Bond” .ppt presentation you put together last year. I have a copy but don’t know where I got it…here on the message board I suspect. It’s a good start for understanding grounding and bonding.

Yeah…but you can thank " You know Who" for getting that removed for NACHI members. At some point I will be doing a video on everything an HI needs to know about Bonding and Grounding. I will keep you posted as alot of things like this are in the works over on the GURU site.