Booby Trap???

Noticed a bic lighter upside down in the disposal right before I hit the switch…NO I DID NOT PROCEED…wondering if maybe it was a booby trap and if anyone else has come accross these types of issues inspecting REO properties.


Reach in and pull it out.

Yes, it was

What really happens when you grind a lighter? It would leak some butane and be real noisy.

Yea, Reach in and get the mouse trap. Thats another one…Make sure you look before reaching over anything. I got into the attic access and 4 Rat traps ready for me right at the opening. All 4 sides no doubt.

Sparks and butane dont mix very well in a disposal I wouldnt think.

Your suppose to turn on the water when running a disposal. whats the big deal sit back and watch the fireworks.
I did a forclosure yesterday. it was a 2006 2500 sq ft. and there was not a piece of insulation in the attic. I wonder why it foreclosed. Outragious electric and gas bills.
something to think about

Not a big deal, just thought I would share and see if anyone else has ran into booby traps in foreclosed homes…Its amazing what you find. I am certainly aware of turning water on. As far as insulation missing in the attic is probably not the reason a home was foreclosed on.

Sparks and Butane are really no big deal as long as you do not add any air to the mixture. :mrgreen:

Boy is this thread going the wrong direction. We could all disect this until we fall asleep. I myself am not.

Uncalled for! We all know that air is all around us. :roll: I vote Brian’s post be deleted.

You are killing me

Attempted murder is a serious issue.

I doubt it was a booby trap…I didn’t see a single booby! All seriousness, probably just some knucklehead that dropped a lighter down there. Even if you turnd the disposal on, I doubt it would have “blown up”. Probably would have just leaked whatever gas it had in in and that would be it…

You could never prove intention anyway.

Foreclosures are known to have issues elated to past owners anger however.

By the time we get around to inspecting a foreclosure, so many people have been through them that the booby traps would have gone off long before.

Just don’t walk into a meth lab unannounced! :shock::D:D:D

They used to stick lighter up tail pipes Yes the will go off

I have inspected several newer homes with no attic insualtion. Heck, the city inspector’s certificates where stapled to the rafters that stated the insulation r-value and date. Do they get fined and loose their licenses? I would just like to know the results of turning on a disposal with a bic lighter in it. Someone will try it.

If you don’t hear from me it went bad ill be back in a minute :twisted:
Just kidding