Book and Quiz Question

Question guys and Gals???

In “How To Perform Residential Electrical Inspections” I am confused or missed something.

In the wrtitten material for lesson it states on page 97 That the stove receptacle is a 50-amp circuit. On the quiz the answer for the required minimum amps is 40-amp circuit.

I must be missing the 40 amp text in the lesson if it is correct. Which is it? 40-amp or 50 amp? Please direct me to the page number if you have it.

Don Schoonover
Eustis, FL

I do not own the book so I can’t comment directly however the NEC does have a minimum requirement of 40 amps for the range branch circuit. There are ranges that may also need a 50 amp circuit when the minimum size isn’t large enough.

What edition are you referring to? The current version does not have 97 pages.

The cord and receptacle will be rated for 50 amps, while the circuit can be a 40 or a 50.

If the stove receptacle is a 50-amp circuit, and the minimum amps required is a 40-amp circuit, well 50 amps is more than 40 amps, so the minimum has been met.

Greetings - The stove receptacle may indeed be rated for 50 AMPS but the overcurrent protection may be 40A as a minimum.

That book has been revised many times…and I have not been involved with it since the 2nd revision so i can’t comment on that it may say at this moment.

However, you need to understand that there are two different aspects here…the branch circuit and the protection of it and the device itself.

Section 210.23© will address that the cooking appliances that are fastened in place in any occupancy shall be permitted to be 40A or 50A.

However, you also have the issue of Section 210.19(A)(3) which will have a minimum limit on the branch circuit itself on ranges of 8 3/4 kW or more to 40 amps…which is a minimum…

So not sure what you are referring too but that is some info for you…If the conductors are rated for 40 AMPS, the OCPD is 40 AMPS and the receptacle itself is rated for 50AMPS…there is no concern to be aware of.