Book publishing

Nick I know you have a myriad of people who do stuff for you. But I am in the midst of writing a book. Can you give me any info on who you use for publishing. Is there a layout person to call once you have the content? Where is the place to go to self publish?

Anyone else had any experience with this?


We do all that in-house at InterNACHI. We write our own material, Kate is our in-house editor, Vega is our in-house graphics artist, and Kenton, Ethan and Rob are our in-house researchers. Paige designs all the book covers but if you look at all our inspection textbooks you’ll get the inside joke regarding this, LOL! (her check mark cover designs are all the same, she only changes the color).

If you are writing an inspection book, we’ll publish it for you, promote it for you, and not take a cut.

InterNACHI is the world’s largest publisher of inspection books, one of which became a best seller, 16 times over.

WOW…what about design layout and graphics? Is there a company to use for that?

No, we do it all here. Kate does the layout for every book. Vega, who built for the membership, does all the graphics using SketchUp. The inspector gallerytook her almost 2 years to build. She is an architect.

Please… I am not an “in-house researcher” for interNACHI. I’m an experienced inspector, published author and inspection course developer. I’m InterNACHI’s Director of Green Building and Director of International Development.

Please… I am not an “in house researcher” in any sense of that term. I am an experienced inspector, an ISBN published author of building-related material, and InterNACHI’s Director of Green Building and Director of International Development.

Thats allotta titles. I am …ummmm…I think the Certified Pot Stirer of Florida Insurance Inspectors. I think that was the title.

Yeah, well Russell, I think you and I are going to talk quite a bit in the future, and that you and I are going to affect the future of inspection in Florida.

I hope so

I stand corrected (Dang, I knew I shouldn’t have put Kenton in the same sentence with Rob ;-)) Kenton does 20 different things here at InterNACHI. He’s currently directing and staring in a video on Narrative Writing. But you research more than anyone I know Kenton.

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