Book Store ??

What was this all about? It’s a dead link now…

Was this way before the Inspector Outlet came into play?

In a nutshell… yes. There was also a Nachi Mall, but it has been gone a long time, perhaps 5-6 (?) years.


Believe it or not but NACHI had no online education when I joined. Nick had members set up groups, called chapters, in each area, where he sent experts out in each field to teach us about systems of a home.

Kenneth, where did you find that link? I’ve looked at all the links on InterNACHI’s website and can’t find it. Where are you getting these from?

Anyway, before online video, we had a VHS video library where members could borrow a training video and have it mailed to them.

Hey Nick, here is where I am finding all the “good old stuff”

It’s very interesting to see how much InterNACHI has progressed over the years. There is a lot of interesting information at this link so hope you don’t go and remove it… I’m only about half way through it…

Nick, Here is another link I came across a while back. I think I was doing a Google search when I found this one…

Well, I have no control over what you can find on other sites using google. However, I did re-route the links you found in to their correct URLs. Thanks.