Booked another job because I am A CMI

The buyer went online and scheduled without me talking to him. Talking to him now by email. Large home in A$HI dominant city. My usually $10 for every 100 square feet, over 2,000 square feet price, was accepted for the home inspection. He also scheduled some auxiliary inspections.

This is what he said in the first email:
"We did research the CMI program and that is why I selected you for this. Looks like great program."

Never had comments like that in writing before. Usually they told me after the inspection verbally.

James, you are lucky on that one. Most REA’s here think that CMI means that we will write detailed reports, and to a better job, all to have a better chance of alarming the home buyer into not purchasing the home. So, many REA’s suggest the low cost, short report HI’s. Many HI franchise companies that are moving into KC also “transport monies” around from state to state, and back to the REA companies. They pay the real onsite HI perhaps $20 per hour. Heck, one REA was charging the home buyers a fee, and took care of the inspection with one of his buddies. His buddy got some money, and the REA pocketed the rest.

I recently received a 7 page report on a huge Leawood KS home by one of these so-called “large experienced well-known home inspection company”. I even sent a copy to Nick G.

Sad what is going on out here.

We get similar comments from consumers all the time.

Perhaps he is setting your expectations! :wink:

One day I will get the CMI.

I do not get much work from Realtors, so I stop trying to. I am a lot happier that way.

Yes, getting paid top dollar for inspections is my expectation.

Steve Wessler at the Lake started out like you. He took about every education course NACHI had at the time, and he had a full apprenticeship under me. He got is CMI in record time. He is staying very busy now.

I feel better now!

I get most of my inspections from referrals from past clients. As for REA’s, they only suggest the cheap HI’s. Most all REA’s here stay away from suggesting CMI’s. It means nothing to them. Most REA’s only listen to the national franchise guys (fees flow elsewhere) and the non-alarmist HI’s. I have a recent flyer of one HI company, that I sent to Nick, that brags about his $395 inspection with termite and radon on any home under 3,000 sq. ft.

It will take a major lawsuit here to wake up REA’s, but their forms, that they have the buyer’s sign, are highly protective.