Booking information: what to ask?

As far as questions concerning just the house, to get as accurate a picture as possible for quoting price over the phone…

Age of the home, square footage, detached garage, occupied, utilities on, crawlspace… what else?

I also ask for address(distance) and if they have any coupons. (I still have coupons out there from previous owner of business)
Any extra services needed, radon,mold, thermal imaging.

of bathrooms amd kitchens?

of floors (stories)…

Ancillary inspections needed, ie, radon termite, etc.?
Detached buildings to be inspected?
Pool and/or spa inspection?

Utilities on?
Comments, concerns?
Style, sq. ft., age, bdrms, baths, basement, etc.
Furnace & type, water heater, AC
Garages, outbuildings, (with power, plumb., heat.)
Distance outside area.
2nd kitchen, age.

[FONT=Arial]Date _____________

Date of Inspection _________________ Objection Deadline ___________________

Property address _______________________________________________________


Type of structure: single-family condo duplex __________________
Sq. footage______________ Year built ______________ no. BR_____ Baths_____
Detached garage? Yes No Sq. Footage ______________
Occupied? yes no Utilities on? yes no Crawlspace yes no
Add. structure: Sq. footage_______ Property Lock box ___________

Ancillary inspections listed below this
Buyer, Listing agent and buyers agent listed below that


Kent…there was a thread awhile back regarding this. Do a search, probably on the old BB and there was a lot of info. It primarily consisted of how everyone structured their booking data sheet like your’s above. It ranged from the simple to the R² tome. I’ll see if I can find it. Nope, couldn’t locate it, maybe someone else will remember it & how to find it.

Here’s my booking form: . Copies of this blank form go in a small 7 1/4" x 4 1/2" six ring binder that I keep with me at all times. Fit’s in my back pocket so it goes where I go (pretty much).

What is the type of siding (EIFS?) Telephone number of the client. Will the client be present. How will I gain entry? Will they pay at inspection or closing? Who’s the Real Estate agent (of if the agent, who’s the client). I tell them to get the agreement off my website and fill it out and fax it to me before I leave the house.

How about the multiple listing #. A lot of information right there.

They won’t know this one but it sure would help…

How many electrical panels?
I have found 5 on an older 2200sf house.
(look behind the cereal boxes in the cabinets and pantries)