Boom! ASHI dumps everyone including lobbyist & Executive Director Rob Paterkiewicz.

ASHI, suffering massive membership losses recently fired their lobbyist Janet Swandby.

Now I am told that they fired their long-time Exectutive Director Rob Paterkiewicz last week. Can anyone confirm?

Cool. A job opening.

John, even though they probably pay better than us… don’t get any funny ideas :stuck_out_tongue: .

John is too valuable, Nick…

Changes definitely need to be made. Business as usual will find ASHI borrowing even more money from it membership to pay bills next year.


Perhaps it’s time to take up another offering for ASHI.
Maybe we could raffle off some quilts or something.

Takes too long to make quilts. :wink:

I will donate one antique flour-sack quilt made by my lil’ ol’ grandma back around 1920.

What goes around comes around. This only proves that we are the best. We are so lucky to have Nick in charge.

I have it on very good authority that after 12 years of being the Executive Director Rob Paterkiewicz decided to do something else, ASHI was supportive of his move.

I personally do not view this change in the same way that I view Swandby’s dismissal. Swandby was dumped when she could no longer tow the party line in regards to Home Inspector Licensing and became an expensive liability, right now it appears that Rob Paterkiewicz left of his own free will.

Wow, I was surprised to find that AHSI only has 41 full members and 14 associates in the whole state of Texas out of between 3500 and 4000 licensed inspectors.

ASHI struggles in licensed states.

I can’t believe they’re actually asking (begging) A$HI members to come up with an additional $90.00 (on top of their already ridiculously high membership fees) to make up for their budget shortfall.

If they would stop spending their membership fees on idiotic ads (promoting A$HI inspectors) throughout the States, their budget today would be the least of their worries…

Ron says:

Joe replies:

This is exactly what ASHI’s (now fired) lobbyist was trying to explain. ASHI is legislating themselves out of existence.

ASHI won’t be getting any additional fees from me. I am not even sure I will renew with them in September fwiw.

David -Ray

Where’s this $90 thingy coming from? :shock:

ASHI asked its Chapter heads to cover their own insurance costs, due to lack of funds resulting from reduced membership. This was in Feb, I believe.

Read this.

I guess they ran out of suckers to work for free. Dan is going to be heart broken on this one. Real inspectors get paid for what they do like in NACHI. I guess oldest does not mean best does it Dan!

I am waiting for brainiac Dan to come out with some profound statement to dispel the reason they need more money.

I guess he is not responding because he is trying to figure out how to put his name on his website! :wink: