Boston Bombers may have been caught

One still on the run , one dead . Perhaps justice will be done

Although I don’t mind if they get killed in a shout out, it would be nice to get some information out of the first.

Boston Police, Fire and EMS…

crazy stuff, my radio station from MA, is breaking all kinds of stuff. Shutting down taxi, trains, looking at guys may have fled the area. I’m only like 45 minutes away, told my kids to keep the doors locked, just in case.

yep 1 dead dead the older brother , the other on the run in watertown MA, unfortunetley they killed a MIT officer and wounded another


They were Saudi’s again? Just like the 9/11 hijackers? You’re not serious?

Did that article say the brothers were Saudis? You should re-read.

They were from Chechnya, brothers going to school in Boston on scholarship, one was even a registered voter, WTF!?

One also became an American citizen on 9/11/12

What a mess.

Why is it a mess? Other than it was 2 dumb ***'s on a killing spree. Citizen or not The last one needs to have a a court date and dealt with the most extreme punishment available . The other was dealt with.

We let into the country. Why? what did they bring to the table?

Immigration policy used to bring talent and needed skills here. Now we import poverty and political refugees that are instantly eligible for welfare benefits.

If you can’t see the result of a basically open boarders policy there is no hope for you.

I have no problem with legal immigration of those who desire to be Americans and these two certainly did not qualify by that standard.

This is the result of more failed leftist policy.

How far left has Marco Rubio come? :-k

Rush Limbaugh Grills Marco Rubio Over “Legalization” Of Illegal Aliens