Boston Herald: Pawlenty VP

Wow a Governor! Someone thats actually ran something and a Military guy! Don’t we wish Obama & Biden could say that!

This is just a prediction. I don’t know the guy.… Pawlenty is VP


the Washington Postdoes not like him.

These peoplereally don’t like him.

Repaired link

I hope it’s not him.

I know more about him and his politics than I should living just across the river.

He will sold as a solid conservative but don’t buy it.
Not that he isn’t more conservative than most of Minnesotans but there is a lot to tell.

I consider him a younger McCain without to POW label.:roll:

Washington Post don’t like Republicans in general Jim

Isnt the author Greg Hanson a dem? And a well known partison hack?

I was only repairing Jim’s link

I’ll have plenty to say about Pawlenty if he is chosen.

Romney scheduled to be in Dayton tomorrow where McCain will announce his VP

We’ll see what happens.

It might look like this is Pawlenty gets VP. We shall see.

Well…it’s Friday.

Does anyone know yet who is going to be the Republican Party’s next Dick Cheney?

I heard this morning Pawlenty denied be the one???

Romney or Condi please! Although I can get along with Pawlenty~

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin???

Local radio just said Pawlenty will be at the Minnesota State Fair today and not in Dayton, Ohio when McCain makes his VP announcement.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin??? I like her! What about you Michael? Isnt she the one that wants to sue the fed for not allowing drilling in Anwar! She would be a good one!

Haven’t followed her.

Fox news is saying Romney is out:-(

I McCain picks Lieberman I’m outa here.

Won’t happen!

I think it will be a woman, maybe an Alaskan woman???