Both ends....

My first inspection of the day was at the first house and I found myself thinking how nice it would be to have a home like this. My third inspection was at the other house - a neglected rental that listed for one tenth the price of the first house. At the end of the day I was just grateful for what I have. I love this job - I learn something every day. :slight_smile:

Happy Easter



When I started doing inspections, one of the unexpected “side effects” was that I saw all the problems in my own home, and I became very dissatisfied with my home. I dreaded having to work on it, and I wanted to move my family into a home without so many problems (like some that I had inspected). It’s taken a while to get over that.

About three weeks ago I inspected a modest home that was IT - the closest I’ve ever seen to my dream home, in terms of condition, layout, location, yard… I came home and told my family about it. So I still have a little undercurrent of wishfulness, but most of the time I’m OK with working on the place we have now.

I’m thankful that we have a decent home, and that I have the ability to work on it. We’ll probably sell it some day, and it’s value will have increased. And I agree that I learn something new every day, too. Happy Easter to you as well.