Bottle Traps

Anyone know of any issues with these Bottle style traps? Are they approved as a replacement to a standard P-Trap?


They have been discussed here several times.

Your AHJ would have to approve their use.

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Please note that bottle traps (all brands) may not be per code (meaning they may not be legal) in your area.
It would be best to check with your local plumbing code before purchasing and installing them.
Bottle traps are used in many countries as the “standard” trap but not in the U.S.

Hi Kevin,

I believe that that trap is not really a bottle trap in the real sense of the word, rather it is an enclosed P trap which would be allowed in most if not all jurisdictions.



Gerry, What Kevin posted appears to be a bottle trap.

Here is a drawing. The partition can corrode and loose the trap seal.

Do you have any links to what you are calling an enclosed P-trap?

UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) generally prohibits drum traps.
1004.0 Traps – Prohibited.
No form of trap which depends for its seal upon the action of
movable parts shall be used. No trap which has concealed
interior partitions, except those of plastic, glass-or similar corrosion-
resisting material, shall be used.
“S” traps, bell traps,
and crown-vented traps shall be prohibited. No fixture shall
be double trapped. Drum and bottle traps may be installed
only when permitted by the Authority Having Jurisdiction for
special conditions. No trap shall be installed without a vent,
except as otherwise provided in this Code.

Thanks Robert!!

Here is the pic of the trap that was installed below a Hall Bath sink in a Condo I inspected this morning.

This basement condo unit also had two bedrooms without any means of secondary egress.


Not approved around here except in laboratory use (Don’t know why even there). They can be made of ceramic too, ran into a couple of those for chemical sinks.

I have never seen then (or at least noticed them) in a hardware store , but imagine they cost more.
If I was putting one in despite code, it would be for looks , which really do not matter under an enclosed cabinet.

Hi Mike the true bottle traps are bottle shaped and do not have the same internal layout of the one Kevin showed, having said that given Bobs IRC quote I can still see them being problematical.



Hey if you ever tried to unstop one you’d know why they are not legal. Bottle or drum traps are a plumbers night mare.

Just unscrew and replace.

Getting back your ring is another story.

Rehabed a 1920 vintage 2 story double with 1/2 basement 1/2 6" crawl. Bath and kit. sink went below floor (which we ended up pulling up) to replace traps. really was a nightmare.
Didn’t find any Rings.