Bought a used Alpha 2

I recently purchased an Alpha 2 radon monitor and wonder if anyone has an electronic copy of the user manual you could share.

I emailed the builder for information but got a kind of generic reply.


Thanks Jeffrey. Owatonna huh?
We going to have a spring in Minnesota this year?

Spring? What’s that? Haven’t seen one in a couple of years! :wink:

Did that info help? Not exactly a users manual, but possibly covered what you needed. Good old Google… link within a link.

Yes thanks, I have it plugged in right now and testing my home.
New tool, another thing to learn, better now than at a customers home.

I’m putting blades under my sailboat, I’m on the water in April one way or another>

Good luck with that. Back down to 4f degrees tonight. :frowning:

I emailed the inventor/ builder of the Alpha 2 and he is mailing me a copy of the manual. $10.00.
I have this machine talking to my computer, took a few hours to get it to work on Windows 7.
If any Alpha 2 owners want to know how I did this PM me.