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First look, Ok, very old unit, no exterior disconnect. At this point, the furnace was not inspected. Was figuring is was also located in the attic area.

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Black ABS is condensate drain line, Terminated 4 ft above garage floor, dripping on everything (water heater, washer, crawl space wall covering). What was interesting, while unit was operating, drainage was minimal, as soon as it cycled off it was like a sink drain, whoosh!

Air handlers system was located in the hallway bathroom, above a decorative glass insert ceiling system. Non-tempered and cut edges (very sharp)

Opened the handler unit door, here's what it looked like. ![icon_eek.gif](upload://yuxgmvDDEGIQPAyP9sRnK0D0CCY.gif) That's mold on the blower and rust everywhere. An air return was cut from the lower area of the main level above the stairway and directed to this area above the bathroom. The unit is pulling air from the right side of this unit, across the coil and into the blower and then out to the upper duct work. Access above the unit and ductwork was not attainable.

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This is a close-up of the coil area and drain pan. The drain line is installed at the rear of this photo, ABS, running horizontal, no trap, and over to the main stack, where it was strapped tied and 90'd down to the garage area. What is happening during operation, the air flow being sucked across the coil is creating a vacuum and pulling condensate water into to blower and through-out the system. When the unit cycles off, then what ever is left in pan can flow downwards. I can imagine what the duct system looks like.

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Flier on house listing, move in condition well taken care of. Well, it did have a decent roof and foundation.


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You get all the fun houses icon_biggrin.gif