Boulder, Colorado weather: High 60's by end of week.

Gotta love February in Colorado!

And the following week I will be on the beach in Costa Rica! :cool:

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…i am gonna be there in two weeks to go skiing…

Don’t worry. The weather down here is different then up in the hills. You will have snow.

You’ll be on the Western slope Russell, plenty of snow over there. That’s what makes Boulder so great, the participation can’t get over the mountains, dumps on the Western side, and arrives dry and sunny over us.

Whew…can’t wait…first trip to Boulder. Just in for a few days of R & R…I hear it is awesome there.

Stop by the office! Just let me know when you are coming so that I’m here.

I was golfing last Monday, but shhh … don’t tell anybody.

March is the snowiest is month of the year in CO, so you’ll be pretty close. It’s a great drive from Boulder to the ski areas in Summit county. Watch for big horn sheep grazing right beside the highway as you go through Idaho Springs.

People always complain about the weather everywhere: if you dont like the weather in xxxx, just wait a few minutes…
Thats is very true in colorado where ground elevation is 6k plus. I remember living there and wearing shorts BBQing outside in the AM and then it snows in the afternoon. Some people just dont know how extreme the changes in weather can be

People always complain about the weather but no one does anything about it!