bounced check from Murderer

I did a home Inspections here in Caselberry Fl on the %th of this month for a client. They were a wonderfull couple. They paid me by check , which is fine. I depositedthe check and on the 15th it bounced. I tried to contact the buyer and no luck, Tried to E-Mail him No luck. Finally E-mailed the realtor and Boom!!! There was a Murder susiside attempt on the 15th In Oviedo , Fl. That was my client!!! He killed his girlfriend and tried to kill himself then. He is surviving. His checking acct was closed. Whow what an experience.He will go to proson for the rest of his life. and the Detective on the case told me there is nothing to go after h8im for my money, so I am out of luck. What is the chance of this ever happening?? Live and Learn. They were such a nice couple too.

Man. Talk about ‘killing a deal’.:wink:

Strange set of circumstances!


How about sending an invoice to the agent. I’m sure he/she will pay gladly:mrgreen:



There goes your realtor referral rating.

I can hear them now, “the last time I used him, my client killed his ole lady and then tried to out himself. And I lost out on my commission”

That aside, that’s a sad situation. All too common.

Must have been one hellava of a report, what software do you use InspectView - Kevorkian? :smiley:

Hi joe, I used reporthost. Never in a million years could this happen again. Whow. Well at least i can use the home inspection for a tax write off!!

Sorry Will, but James that was funny :smiley:

“*What is the chance of this ever happening?”
Want another weird coincidence? A guy named Mario Oviedo recently killed his live-in girlfriend of twenty years in murder-suicide in National City, CA.

Thats nasty Joe, bloody funny but nasty :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



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:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Having just read Inspect and Protect I expect he will probably try to sue you for being the root cause.

Sounds like she wanted the house and he didn’t! Now she won’t need a house and he will have a free 8x10 to live in. what a shame.

Was the girl friend Hot?

Not when the cops got there.:wink:

Suicide attempts should be punishable by death! :mrgreen:

Even for first offenders? You are tough, Ray.:shock:

First offenders especially! :mrgreen:


Now that’s funny!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I took the National Certification TIPR on humour!