Boynton Fla.?

Are there any inspectors that live there that would like to do me a favor?

I was looking at my son’s car title and it came from “Drange Drive” in Boynton, Fla…I cold use a pic of the street sign for my avatar:D

Thanks in advance.

I’ll keep it in mind. We’re in the area weekly. :slight_smile:

Funny and good idea.

Thanks fella’s

Great idea, Dave. But…could it possibly be a typo? There is an Orange Drive in Boynton Beach but apparently not a Drange Drive. You can double check the address on the title here…

That’s what I thought, too. But then I thought that he could just flatten out one side of that “O”…:smiley:

I hope not! But I guess it’s possible:( It would be a weird name for a street though.