BP Oil Spill class action settlement

If you did not know, BP settled the lawsuit for anyone effected by the oil spill in 2010. Yes, Home Inspectors that have business addresses in the designated “Zones” are eligible to file a claim. Its very easy to do. And Claims Comp has no out of pocket fees before you file. We only receive payment after the claim is paid to the business or the individual. Contact Marty Lowry at mlowry@claimscomp.com or go to my page at bp.claimscomp.com/martylowry and file the claim in 2 minutes on 1 form. BP has set aside $7.8 BILLION to settle these claims. The average business loss settlement is $233,000. We will tell you, within 48 hours of receiving all of the necessary documents from you, if the business or individual is eligible. Don’t miss out on the BEL (Business Economic Loss) that is out there to claim.

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