BPCPA where to put your number

I had a question in regards to what extent we had to display our BC license number. Looks like we need to put it on everything , including business cards and vehicles. I did not ask about clothing however.
Below is a copy of the email sent from BPCPA.

Good morning John,

Thank you for inquiring with the BPCPA. I apologize for the untimely response.

In answer to your question, as per Section 6 (3) of the Home Inspector Regulation, a licensee must include the license number on all representations and visual advertisements. This would apply to all that you mention below. I hope this is information is of assistance.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Sarah Clutchey
Licensing Officer
Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority
Ph: 604.320.1664 / 1.888.777.4393 ext 2811
Fx: 250.920.7181 www.bpcpa.ca

My question was in regards to my van, looks like I need to get painting with my not so steady hand

Our old cards and printouts have grandfather status, 2 years to become compliant.


Hey folks, My name is Tom Rorke from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I finally made membership with this board, So hello everyone, and I’m ready to listen and learn. I am a Certified Home Inspector Newbie arguing with BPCPA at the moment.

They want me to put it where!? :shock::shock::wink:

It’s a BIG NUMBER Gerry. You may be in trouble !:D:D:D

The wife called me a cheapskate for using cardboard and spray paint, but I like to call myself “thrifty with flair”