BPI Field Training Video

For those interested in getting BPI Certified, this is an excellent resource for the field exam.

Even with HI experience, the field exam is challenging. This helped a great deal, so I thought I would share it here:




IYPO…Would this particular video be a good substitute for class room training?

I’ll be participating in BPI training soon, but would love to have a shortcut.

Dave, after being in the construction field for 25 years and inspection for 10 and thermal for 3, I took the 3 day BPI course and it was fairly intense. I wish I had gone to the 5 day course. There is more to it than meets the eye and it’s well worth it if you plan to pursue energy audits.


I plan on taking the BPI course ASAP.

What is your preference?

http://www.energy-audits-unltd.com (BPI Certification)


Manchester Community College (BPI Certification)

I think either will be good as they both will teach to BPI standards, energy audits unlimited however may have instructors with filed experience where Manchester College may not.
Good luck Dave, very interesting course, you’ll like it.

This video is a great tool to help you visually understand the concept of the field exam. Like Peter has already said, the BPI Certification is actually very difficult.

I felt the written exam, while challenging, was not that difficult. However, the field exam is difficult. It’s not rocket science, but you are required to go through all the steps and BPI standards just like you would during a real Home Performance Audit.

I would not advise taking shortcuts. I would suggest purchasing a copy of the Krigger Book and study for a week or two before taking the 3 or 5 day course.

Good Luck!!


Better off with the Saturn Energy Auditor Guide.

Thanks guys.

I’m looking into a BPI training program (in my area) now.

I’m debating over two programs as we speak…