BPI Training in TN.

Is anyone planning on taking this certification program?


Got an email on the program tonight.

As TN uses the TVA training program, is BPI a waste of time here?

Is TN making any changes in certification?

I like too David but i need to research a little .

Research with care!

The current TN program from the stimuli bill is controlled by 18 offices throughout the state, training to participate is only available through TVA. TVA is not training now.

I can not see them starting another program under a new set of guidelines. But it may be mandated by the Fed.

I will post if I hear anything.
I am not too motivated at this point. I have no intention of collecting a few beans to work on houses owned by those 200% below the poverty level.

I recently signed up and paid for a Clean Edison BPI Building Analyst Certification course that was cancelled due to lack of enough people to take the class. (minimum 8 people per class) I got a refund and told them I was no longer interested in their training course. I got a call last week asking if I had reconsidered. I told them I wasn’t interested.
I think Peter is doing fine but he is also a contractor doing the upgrades. That is the key to making money on these. You aren’t gonna make much doing audits if you aren’t doing the energy upgrades. I think a lot of out of work tradesmen are getting certified and going after the money that hasn’t been fully released by the gov’t.
I am doing IR energy inspections and nobody has asked about a full audit. Most of my clients just want to see where they’re lacking insulation and are doing the work themselves. (cheaper)

cheaper and more efficient!

Energy auditing is nothing more than putting a miles per gallon sticker on a car!

The only reason you need certification is to collect money from the government.
The number of days of missed work to attend training, the cost of certification training and the equipment cost is difficult to recoup from the energy bill.

The state of New Hampshire program is not what I’m talking about. They seem to have a significant program going on and Peter is embarking down the right road.

I am also doing the contractor work in conjunction with auditing work.
I’m not required to have any certification or license by my state to do this either (not even a contractors license).

I will continue to do what I do, until someone tells me I’ll go to jail if I continue. That is unlikely to occur in the state of Tennessee.

If you want to work down in the projects, you need to take the training and get certified so you can get paid under the federal program.

By the way,

In spite of my opinions on the subject, training (not necessarily certification) is crucially important to conducting this type of service.

I have taken several courses (for other states), have a college degree and have taught courses on continuing education at a local technical school on construction technology specifically related to energy efficiency. We built numerous highly efficient buildings for state and local governments and a child day care center for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

I do not condone anyone venturing down this road without adequate training.

I just have a bad taste in my mouth about programs that are evolving under the current administration.
In spite of my background and training, I’m not allowed to work on Obama projects!

Linus-- i was one of the other guys that got cancelled on to. Do you know of another class in the chicagoland area?

Let me know if you hear anything


Do they really think people will use that form, to give Credit Card information, without any security certificates and no encryption of any sort?


Be careful out there.

Building Analyst Certification - Nashville, TN

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How about here?

Linus- Thanks!

Ill get in June.