BPI Training

I just got a call to tell me I got accepted into the BPI Training and Certification class from Nov. 15-20 8am-5pm and it is all paid by a federal grant.

Now my question is how can I use this for my home inspection business, is this like the RESNET class. I applied because I was told it was but never thought I would get in, so I did not do too much research.

I am contracted with 2 local towns and one federal housing program and this will make me rushed the week before and after to get all my inspection caught up, as well as my normal business but Nov. is usually slower for me, so is it worth it.

In order to inspect according to BPI protocol, you will need certain equipment (blower door, etc) that will cost you about $3-4K. If you cannot afford the additional investment, it may not be worth the effort. Do not count on government programs to keep you working.

If real estate sales is not working out for you Leroy, you can get a good deal on an infrared camera and blower door. Several inspectors who though they could be instant energy auditors have recently posted their equipment for sale here. Good luck and do your research before you invest.

That is the problem with real estate sales, city inspections and being the housing inspector for HUD funded projects in a 5 county area, keeps me so busy I hardly have time to get all the paper work in.
If I do take these classes, I may have to sub out some of my work for a week which is not such a good idea. I will not say no when they call, I do not want them calling the guy down the street.
No need to let another guy in, I worked hard at getting my foot in the door.