BPI Training

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post so I wanted to start off with an introduction. My name is TyJ Arambulo, I graduated in Civil Engineering in 2006 and am a current LEED AP. I am hoping to start a career in the energy industry and I thought a great place to start would be in energy auditing. I hope one day to design energy efficient buildings and at the early part of my career would like to be retrofitting homes.

To start a career in energy auditing, I decided to start training towards being certified as a BPI Building Analyst. I chose this route because in California they have the Energy Upgrade California program which requires all auditors to be BPI Certified. My question for you folks is: how is the job outlook for such an occupation? Is getting BPI certification the proper first step in entering this industry? It would also be helpful to know a little bit about the company you work for and what it is you do.

Thanks for the information.

TyJ Arambulo


You might want to also post this question over at www.energyauditortalk.org.