bradford white forced draft water heater, recall?

In a casual conversation with a plumber, I was told the Bradford Whites water heaters with a black ‘rubber’ flexible flues were ‘illegal’. I was wondering if this was an actual recall on the flue piping, or were the original ones ‘grandfathered’ till end of life? The water heaters, or the clients. :wink:

I’m having a difficult time finding information, probably since these were used in the early 90’s, or just not true. Little help?


Do you have a picture of the “black ‘rubber’ flexible flues”? I wouldn’t want a rubber flexible flue on my water heater. But the only thing I’m aware of considering Bradford White is a 2002 recall that had nothing to do with the flue. The newer high-efficiency water heaters use black plastic. Maybe that’s what he was referring to?

Ugly Dusty Flue.


Yes, indeed, I would definitely say that is non-standard. I think it needs the smooth, rigid plastic at a minimum.

Where’s the draft hood on this water heater? That would be my first concern. Then the crappy material. Hope you have changed this by now!

No draft hood. It is has an induced draft.

I have seen that flue.

It is rated for the application if it is the same one.