Bragging a little...

My Son, Sam Onofrey scored a nice trophy 300# plus black boar Friday morning about 3:30 am around Edna, Texas.

Nice John. Be Poud and keep him in the outdoors. Those are some crazy animals.

Am I invited for dinner?!

Way to go…great memories, John. And he’ll be able to do the same with his son.:smiley:

I’ll tell you what, that was one trip my boy won’t ever forget. Too bad boar meat tastes about as bad as it smells, not good eating. The head is going to make a great shoulder mount though.

Very funny Larry. You got one coming! :slight_smile:

I went trapping with a friend that puts them in a pen and grin feeds them for a while. Then they are ready for the smoker:cool-cat:. Ever try to lasso a Hog:shock:. The don’t have necks WOW what a rush:D

That’s a great looking tusker there. I wouldn’t want to tangle with him. Congrats to your son. Was that on a paid hunt or someone’s private land?

My oldest son (Air Force) and I went on a pig hunt in Fla when I was visiting him there in May. He shot a big sow, I shot a much smaller boar. Very different kind of pig hunt than I’m used to riding on a swamp buggy, but definitely makes a memory. Here’s his:

Chuck, I bet that sow dropped a lot of little porkers in her time.

My former secretary married a guy that’s nuts about hunting hogs. He has about 18 hog dogs and he hunts them using several methods. We didn’t use the dogs on this hog as it’s pretty much a dog killer. They stalked him with AR-15’s equipped with night vision scopes. My other friend J.D. (Coach) filmed an episode for his new show called Hunting Freaks while we were down there visiting. Look for it on the Sportsman channel.


Sam looks like a fine son. I know you are proud of him.

Went boar hunting when I lived in Turkey. Same sort of experience. Exciting and unforgetable.

Ate some wild boar salami last night… a little gamey…tasted like I just licked my dog (if I had ever done that) :slight_smile:

Now the sow’s are good eating. I personally witnessed this farmer pictured with a good sized boar (who hates wild hogs by the way), skin and clean a sow in 5 minutes and 38 seconds on a bet! I hope that event makes the editing cut for the Hunting Freaks.

You’re from Texas, you can brag all you want. :cool:

John, will we get to meet in Houston on the 16th?

Should I hold your camera until then? :smiley: I think the Hunting Freaks got some good shots with it but won’t know until final edit.
Time is wrong, this was taken about 5:30 AM*

Can you come up on stage with me and talk a little about your newsletter?

Was that shot taken with my IR camera?

I took that camera up into the Rockie Mountains one night and found a bear with it. I started to zoom in on the bear with the zoom function until it looked as if I was standing next to the bear (you could see all the details in the bear’s face)… but then I realized… that particular model doesn’t have a zoom function :shock:.

I am the type that prefers death over public speaking. So just freaking kill me now!


This one too: