Brain Challenge

Okay - It’s time for a brain challenge. Be careful! This can get addictive!

1. Pay no attention to the writing because it’s Asian, and you probably can’t read it.

2. Press start.

3. Memorize the numbers you are shown.

4. Click on each circle in order of the smallest number to the highest number.

5. When you are done, the screen will show you your brain age.

Cool. I’m dizzy now. try again later


Cool! I get younger every time I run it… Oh wait, that’s not good is it?

wow…my brain is 700 years old !!!

34 I think that is good.

High score 56

I got 33

23 … am I is smart or should I go back to pushing my rock?

  1. I feel 28.

28 first try. 31 on 2nd try.