Brain fart reporting

I know everyone on the boards considers themselves a genius and never forgets a thing.

Just in case those steel trap minds fail at just the wrong moment here is a pictogram glossary of a house to load onto your desktop

Now all I have to do is remember it’s there. :mrgreen:

Thanks Barry!!

What’s your name again???


Nosral Leahcim was his name. B-I-N-G-O

Riada Yrrab…I get it:D

This would be a good thing to give to the client at the inspection. It should keep them busy 2 or 3 hrs. (8’)

I reported my dyslexia when I signed onto this circus

So you don’t believe in Dog? :slight_smile:

Thanks Barry,

I especially like this tidbit…:smiley::stuck_out_tongue:

Backfill The material used to re-fill an excavation around the outside of a foundation wall or pipe trench.


U.S. Inspects is such a rip off. Compare their report to others. It does not meet even other association standards, much less NACHI’s or the State of Illinois SOP.

No wonder they are the most sued inspection company in the U.S.

Also, a wholy owned subsidiary of NIT, the Coldwell Banker holding company.

And their web site is full of misrepresentations and dubious information.

Thanks Barry!

Many of my inspections that have had a pre-listing inspections were done by a US inspects inspectors who always miss major problems.

I viewed one of their reports for a RELO home that I was considering buying. I’m sorry but it was pathetic. Pages of checklists and little comments and fluff filler and there were at least three major issues I found in my short walk through that were not even mentioned.
No I did not buy the house.

very nice Barry

nope, ! yssup

The red dots were a good idea for squeezing in info regardless of the source.
Thanks Barry.

that’s what i thought and the reason for the post

my personal opinion of another company or association shouldn’t stand in the way of providing useful info

i rejected their, buyout-come over to US, offer over 5 years ago, my family and i have never regreted the decision for a minute

if you don’t like that one try this one

everyone is welcome