Branding Beyond the Obvious - Home Inspections

Some of you may wish to take a look at this article.
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That’s an interesting name for a home inspection business…hmmmmm…


This is probably the most informative article on start-up marketing for a home inspection business ever posted to this message board.

What is the source of this chapter? I think I’d like to read the whole book.

Hi James,

I will have to find out the name of the book. The section posted was sent to me by my cousin who is a very heavy hitter in the marketing world. He travels all over the world and is well sought after for his marketing strategies and know how.

I would also like to add that the same info also applies to Home Inspection Associations and their marketing endeavours and the way they treat their members.

or enter John Torella in Google search.


That article really hits home!

George Mendes

There’s only about sixteen of them:

Only one in my neighbourhood of about 5 million customers!!!

Thats why my company is called Raymond Wand Home Inspection Service.

How many Raymond Wands’ could be out there doing home inspections? Only one that I know of and thats me (me, myself and I), and thats enough!

Everybody loves Raymond; well not everyone! :wink: