Brass Fitting Litigation - PEX


Another class-action suit has been filed for failures of brass fittings in PEX systems installations.

ty for the info…here we go again…

Whats in the water up there???

So these are not the same QPEX fittings?

That bites, I LOVE the PEX system

They have fittings other than brass, which have had no reported failures.

And the funny thing is I was using the Brass fittings exclusively because I thought they were a better product.

There a many brands of Pex brass fittings. Not all fail.


The fittings from are identified by:

That was never implied.

This may have confused some:

Sorry for any confusion…

While it is true that it was brass fittings that were failing in the lawsuit, the plastic fittings are fine, IF they are properly installed. Failure in plastic fittings comes from the improper installation and not the product design. And, while the system may look good and have plastic, beware, are you sure it installed properly by the technician who did the job? I love these systems, uh huh.

I built my home in 2004, all with white ZURN-PEX lines. Connectors and elbows are all brass. Crimp rings are copper, stamped with PEX on the rings. System has watts pressure regulator set at 62 lbs. No problems so far. T-connectors are marked SOM-PEX. Half inch elbows are marked "PEX-F-1087-NSF61. Three quarter elbows are “3/4 PEX-NSF-PW-Korea AH.U”.

Hi All:

I did a manufactured home today. The home was built in 2006. Has Pex Plumbing. Uncertain about the fittings. They appear to be something other then brass. Whats your thoughts?


Sorry taken so long to reply, looks like Red Brass or Bronze. (the later is made by Viega)

Red Brass has only 15% Zinc to Copper allow mix, whereas Yellow Brass has 35% Zn-Cu.

It is the Yellow brass fittings that have had the greatest failure problems, and generally in Hard water areas, or areas where the Water utilitiy put either Chlorine or Flourine in the water. Also high levels of Oxygen in the water accelerate the erosion of the Brass.

Problem dates back to 1850’s and was a particular problem to the British Navy in the first world war. Disabled more ships than German U-Boats.