Break um in right

None of that pink panty stuff from KC I found a bright young man from Kansas that climbs roofs just like I do Justin Westoff he will do good in this business. :D;-)

Yeah bring you and him over here to Chicago with your snow disk and I will train you both.LOL

Is that a “Cherry picker” I see in the street?

Your blind cain’t tell a cherry picker from a man truck why would anyone in his right mind want to go to chicago for any thing.

I have know Idea what a snow
disk is??? ya have to speak english;-)

Charlie, a snow disc is what they use on the ground in the winter right before they plant their snow man seeds!!!

Okay sounds logical;-)

Too much excitement for ya ?
It is Obama town so you would love it Charlie.

Just watch where you park (private company pirate tickets),watch your speed (cameras everywhere) bring plenty of loot for taxes,keep the gun at home so the gangs can feel safe,celebrate our new gay marriage laws,stay P,C,dont go on the south or west sides,bring a warm coat,watch out for crazy drivers,try and figure out the messed up bus payment system,become liberal minded but be a union or city worker supporter,learn to hate small business,pay off the right people and you will be fine.
Buy a ticket tomorrow and fly on down.

Charlie, is this your dog?

Yes after my own heart where did you find him;-)

That is his termite K-9 unit!!

Bird dog.

Hi Gary glad you showed up to the party. See if a K-9 can inspect roofs from on the roof why can’t you:p:D

Wow, I have never seen a dog on a roof, how did he get there ?

Photo Chop;-)

Charley …

You retiring and hiring a new kid OR just tired of climbing steep roofs and got the kid for that???

Saw your web site has expired. Thinking of changing company names, etc??

FYI - None of the KC guys do the pink panties like down in Oki.

We all wear either black OR red MAN thongs.

Luv Ya

No just showing a Kansas guy the ropes in Okla How real inspectors perform.

And I heard straight from the horses mouth that inspectors in KC do in fact wear pink ruffled panties:p

LUV ya back:p

sounds like a regular flippin luv fest in here…

I luv ya also:p;-)