Breaker buzz during start up

My new a/c causes a breaker to buzz for just a brief moment during start up. I have yet to isolate if it the air handler or compressor breaker.
Both breakers have been replaced, as that was the suspected issue, but the buzzing still remains. Anyone have an idea as to why it does this. Nothing is undersized.
On a side note, while replacing the 60 amp for the air handler, I did find one of the blades had lost tension, and some visible darkening from heat was noticed on the breaker itself. I figured that was the problem, loose connection. No such luck.
Anyone got an idea?
The compressor itself requires a 50 amp max, but is a variable speed.
The air handler takes 60 for he electric heat, but it couldn’t be pulling nearly that for start up.
It doesn’t do it all the time, but when it does you can hear it throughout the house.

The neutral or ground wire is loose. Try to locate it and tighten the lug for it, or just tighten all of the neutrals and grounds.

Undersized or oversized should not matter. Something is not lining up, matching up correctly and just because it is new makes no difference if it was not put together correctly at the factory. Or something is loose such as a neutral.

I may replace the compressor breaker. I originally replaced it before I replaced the unit because it was the wrong brand and size. It never did the buzzing before but also was a smaller compressor.
I can check the neutrals but I may also have a dud breaker.

That may be your problem right there as things became worn over time.

Or it is overloaded. Or just needs replacement.
The magnets are out of place.

800% start up load…

Take an amperage reading in “Max Load” setting and you will see that the draw is likely greater than your breaker.

I can assure you it is the condenser unit causing the buzzz. (or maybe your beer)! :wink:

Likely to much beer and squirrel meat

Max breaker is 50 amps. 6 gauge wire feeding the condenser/compressor. Breaker is only a few months old.
Maybe I just will have to deal with it.

Get your TI out. You may find something.

When your working at a sub-station, things are buzzing all the time!
60 cycle.

If you don’t have a start capacitor and potential relay in your unit, consider a hard start capacitor. Just two wires added at the run capacitor.

Check you nameplate and see if the locked rotor amperage is listed for the compressor. A 1 ton compressor can pull 50 amps at start-up.