Breaker Labels Of The Day

Nice spelling!!




I guess H2O is easier to spell than water. They probably got that out of their 5th graders book. :blank:

I’m guessing “heather” must be heaters little sister!? :wink:

I give them credit for at least labeling them

Yes, they done good. :cool:

I agree. At least we are in the ballpark! Could be worse…

Maybe they are little known off market trade names.

I can just imagine the other breaker schematics…

wata heeta


masta bedrum

gest bedrum


diening rum

air condishuner

outside lites

livin rum

lawndry rum


I regularly see breakers labeled “swimmin pule”… Must be the same installer!!

Looks like the work of an “edumacated wrecktrician”…LOL

“Ewectwition” is more like it.

Dave, for a MA guy shouldn’t it be watah Heatah and air conditionah :mrgreen:

I use to live in Weymouth by the way.

You are correct my man. I was simply using the national version.

In Massachusetts, we do not pronounce our "R’s ".

We bring beea in tha cah, and pahk tha cah in the pahkin lot at qahter pass tha houa.


THat beats “I Pahk my cah at haavad yahd”

wikkid pissa! lol

Any kin to a water lily? :twisted:

lol…give the person credit…he spelled H2O properly…now someone visit that guy and tell him H20 is WATER so he is not confusing heather anymore.

Ok…these are from houses that are $1.5 million


And my favorite- “Fournace”

I love fournace also .
Bet it is just the same label in five years from now .
Thanks for the chuckle … Cookie