Breaker panel in the Hallway ... Question

4-plex built in 1984 … the Breaker Panels were installed in the
hallway and not covered …Is this acceptable ? … All four units were
the same way.


If the panel was listed without a door and it’s located in an inside hallway, it’s acceptable.

Not an issue.

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Agree with Robert, but wonder what the inside looked like and what story it would tell. :smiley:

A 4-plex, probably a history of being rental units…my guess there are about 10 layers of paint to cut through to get those covers off.

See this most often than not. No worries. Even an AFCI breaker.

The remote panel you posted is an older Square D QO panel and did not come with a door to cover breakers.

*Note: Breakers have a life expectancy. Those OCPD’s look fine.