breaker panel not bonded

Hello. This was in my inspection report and I have been having a hard time getting in touch with the inspector. Can you all tell me what he was referring to for certain?

“The breaker panels were not bonded to the grounding buses. Should a short circuit occur, the breaker panels would become energized rather than sending the short circuit to ground.”

It seems easy enough - can you give me some info on this?


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He seems to be saying that the bond screw or bond strap was not installed if this is a service panel. If this is a subpanel, he might be saying that the equipment grounding conductor was not run to it.

What ever he’s trying to say, he’s saying it wrong. If you’re have trouble “getting in touch with him,” I’d say you hired the wrong inspector.

Although Marc is likely correct in his assumption, I DO agree Jeff.

Bears repeating!