Breaker Question

Is this breaker rated for two conductors?

Smith 035.jpg

If it says DQ0 it is ok.
Were there two slots at the clamp under the screw?

Some Square D allow this, look under the screw, see where two wires can be inserted

that appears to be the case in your photo

Your eyes must be better than mine Barry

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You’re right Barry. I double checked and there are two slots. Am I wrong, or is Square D the only manuf. that allows this?

There are many breakers that will accept two conductors.

so then the next question…is it ok or not?

When designed for 2 conductors then it is perfectly acceptable to have 2 properly sized conductors installed, as long as the sparky knows his stuff.

Pat… from what I read torque is more important with that sort of clamp.
Though I am sure you will not be checking that?

It would be MORE ok if the insulation wasn’t stripped back so far. I’d be on the lookout for more DIY wiring in that panel and the rest of the house. But that one item alone doesn’t really amount to much, IMO.

Question…Does that breaker fit with that panel? It doesn’t match the others.
Also noticed rust on the one 2 below.

I really didn’t notice any other DIY wiring in the home. As for the rust, I did see that, but there were no other signs of rust in the panel. For the most part the panel looked good, but I wanted to double check on the Square D breaker with 2 conductors.