Breaker rating

Shouldn’t breakers be designed for defects in the system? Regardless of code, which does allow for it, if there’s worn bearings or other problem with the A/C that allows for a continuous pull of 30 amps for an extended period, don’t you want the breaker to protect the wire, not the appliance? Trying to wrap my head around the logic.

There is overload protection built into the motor that would take care of that issue.

As Jim stated the overloads protect the conductors from being loaded beyond their ampacity. The OCPD it’s only providing short circuit and groud fault protection.

Thanks Jim Port and Robert Meier.
I’ve been in the building trades for 42 years and did not know that. As inspectors, we’re generalists in every trade and we carry around in our head enough general knowledge to make us pretty darn valuable - and a day doesn’t go by where I don’t try to add to that knowledge and my value.

Let’s keep encouraging those questions with the attitude that the only dumb question is the one not asked -
Again, thanks for your explanation.