Breaker & wire across panel

Is this breaker allowed in a GE panel?

I noted the improper access of the romex in the bottom of the panel, this is to the added breaker.

Is the white wire allowed to cross the panel in this fashion? It seems to be for the GFCI.

108907 016 (Small).jpg

108907 015 (Small).jpg

108907 017 (Small).jpg

That is a Thomas and Betts “Classified” breaker. I would say yes, but I would like to read the exact listing if I wasn’t sure. The missing connector is wrong. The white wire is sloppy but it is not illegal

it look little sloppy but did you see the romax wire comming in 2 inch opening and there is no clamp to hold it ??

the T&B breaker did marked classifed so it is ok to used on that breaker box.

for white wire under the main breaker it ok to run it but IMO not a really pratical way to do it too slopply with it.

if want in neat way can run a short extra length of white wire with wirenut that is allowed per code ] and it will look better that way.

Merci, Marc