In a mains panel there was a 250 amp main breaker, but under it there was a 125 breaker the legend says the breaker is for LPB Could anyone tell what that is please


IMG_0069 (WinCE).JPG

IMG_0070 (WinCE).JPG

IMG_0070 (WinCE).JPG

IMG_0070 (WinCE).JPG

Must be a non standard acronym.
Any chance there was a special lighting panel asociated with this property.
There must be another panel someplace. The wires on that 125 Amp breaker are probably in conduit.

I would assume an additional panel (loadside panel board) or maybe a split bus (lower panel bus).

Did you pull the cover? It doesn’t look like a split bus panel. Was there a loadside panel (sub panel)?

There was a sub panel in the house

Well there you have it. . .

Thanks as always