Breaking News .... from Vero Beach to Boca Raton, Florida.

I am working on getting my drivers license back right now. Where I had to move unexpectantly back to Virginia, I could not get any mail and therefore verify that I had insurance, so my driver’s license got suspended.

Soon after I get my Drivers License, I’m going to go pay my respect to my loved ones from my Grandparents and my Uncle Frank to My Dad and my cousin Eric and my friends, that are no longer with us.

Then I am going to take my wife (Crystal), my daughter (Autumn), and the 3 of us are heading to our new home in Southeastern Florida. We are carefully deciding on where we are going to live. We have narrowed it down to anywhere from Vero Beach to Boca Raton, Florida. I am very familiar with that area, since I use to live in Lakeworth and worked in Boca Raton, Florida.
I admit, at one time, I did my fair share of partying from West Palm Beach to Homestead, Florida.

I am going to become licensed in the state of Florida, as a Home Inspector. I know once I do that everything will fall into place. I am slowly but surely getting some of the tools that I need to perform Residential Home Inspections. When I am not Homeschooling my daughter (Autumn), I am working in some fashion to become a better Home Inspector.

Sure, there are those who will doubt me or try to keep us from going. To all of them people: All that you are doing is motivating me to work harder and smarter every second of the day.
I have a realistic smart goal, to make this happen by the 1st week of August, 2015. I know that there will be roadblocks, challenges, trials, and times that test my faith, and literally try me as a man. I have a burning desire, a passion, a drive like never before to make this dream become a reality. If for some reason, we cannot make it happen in August 2015, then there is September 2015. If by September 2015, we are not living in Southeastern Florida, I will try even harder to make this dream become a reality, no later than October 2015.
My wife, my daughter, and I, wake up every morning, and go to bed every night, seeing ourselves living in a 3-bedroom house in Southeastern Florida. I see myself, pulling up to several properties, getting out of my truck, and performing property inspections, every single day (living my dream). We are going to make our dreams become a reality.
On our way to our new home in Southeastern Florida, I could take I-81 to I- 77, get off on I-26 and then get on I-95, and stop and get a motel for the night right outside of Savannah, Georgia. When we wake up, we all 3, head on down to our new home, in the Southeastern part of Florida. Who knows … (

The story begins: Florida, you are here by put on NOTICE that soon the Home Inspection Industry is going to Rock You Like A Hurricane(GUARANTEED)!!!

To be a little more specific (The Treasure Coast). Indian River County, **St. Lucie County, **
Martin County, and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Treasure Coast.jpg

Update: 118 days, a Saturday 3 months and 27 days from today

Hi Michael.
A while back, I remember something about your family was not together.
If I’m reading you right, that’s great for you!

I’ve been in South Florida for 46 years, live in Boca for the past 18.
I’m not saying I know everyone, but surely know all their dogs & cats. ha ha

Get you butt down here, call me, we’ll talk about you getting a foothold & some business if you’re gonna be in my service area. :slight_smile:

Happy Easter Michael.

I got my wife (Crystal) and my daughter (Autumn) back in time for Christmas. I am working my butt of to accomplish a lot. We will be heading to Florida as soon as possible. I am 're-learning what I already know, so I can pass InterNACHI’s proctored exam and become a licensed Florida home inspector. I am slowly getting my tools back ( a couple, I have made myself).

I will definatley give you a call when we get down there. I use to live at:
5992 Triphammer Rd. in Lakeworth / Lantanna Florida. I use to work at that McDonald’s there. I worked at Facelifters kitchen cabinet remodeling in Boca Raton, right off of Military and Jog road. My brother lived in Coral Springs. My car payment for my camaro, was in West Palm Beach and I raced and partied a lot in Miami.

I’ve been to the Boynton Beach mall countless times and I use to date this knockout babe from New Jersey named Dana, who lived in Pompono Beach.

I love that area. I am realizing that I’m not getting any younger and my health will benefit from moving back to Southeastern Florida.

There is things in the works for my arrival, but I cannot give out to much information information, just yet.

Happy Easter.

Thats a crazy coincidence, I just typed an HI report this morning for a house on Triphammer Road in Lake Worth. Funny. Small world.


 It is definatley a small world. I use to live in a garage of a 3 bedroom. I was hardly ever there, because I was working, and being with my love Dana, all of the time. I use to go to Delray Beach almost every night and work my Nunchucks and practice my blocking and kicks right on the Sandy beach. I got a hefty ticket one night for my camaro being parked outside of an ice cream parlor. 

I use to date 2 girls Liz (Spanish girl) and Jennifer (white girl with red hair) both at the same time and they were fine with that. We ate smores at the beach and smoked some ganja. They both kissed me and gave me shotguns of the ganja smoke as our tongues touched. We all went back to Liz’s house and things we’re getting pretty hot, if you know what I mean. I had the biggest smile on my face until Liz said: Oh sh…t, here comes my old man and he had his shotgun. It didn’t take me long to jump out of the bedroom window and high tale it out of there.


Too much information (probably), but I have plenty of my Florida stories, like partying with music groups, like White Zombie, Panterra, and The Black Crows. I have personally met Latoya Jackson and 50 of her dancers at a strip club, in Ft. Lauderdale. That’s right, I have partied with the best of them and you probably saw more of a smile on me than anything else, when I resided in Florida. I wore silk shirts, bolo ties, drove an awesome car, and I pulled the ladies, until I met my girl Dana.

I have lifelong friends that were made when I lived there like:
Lewis Sedowski, Tim Beaty, and Pat Schwab.

I was young back in the early 90’s, and I’ve partied with the best of them.

I am older and wiser now.

I’m working harder and smarter, every day to make it happen.

I forget but do you now hold a Florida license and what was your past experience in biz as i do not remember it all. Short and sweet. Call me for sure when you get yourself a place and are here. How old are you and how tall and approximate weight, just curious. I like to know what a person is best suited for in my opinion on their natural; physical characteristics If you wish it to remain personal no problem and sorry if I offended you by asking and GLAD to hear you FAMILY is by your side. All Gravy from that point on :slight_smile: