Brian A. MacNeish


Peter Salmon has received the** Steven Greenford Award** from CAHPI for dedication to the advancement of the home inspection industry in Canada.

Home-Alyze has received the** Corporate Citizen Award** from the Canadian Franchise Association.

Brian A. MacNeish Where you a partner in the Home-Alyze or just a franchise owner .

Are you still a part owner or do you no longer have any thing to do with them.

What made you no longer be a member of any of the Home Inspector associations .

Which to join??? Everyone’s got the best deal!!

  • industry is full of “smoke & mirrors”
  • lack of personal integrity of some executive,
  • weak entrance, training and certification requirements
  • weak, old SOP’s; fluff reports
  • not fighting for independence of HI’s from realtors’ recommendations (essentially banning realtors’ HI recommendations)
  • certifying associations’ executive/members should not be training
  • some associations/training orgs are “diploma mills”

May be joining an org soon! Trying one more year of membership somewhere…


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Brian MacNeish, a partner in Atlantic Home Inspections of Sackville, New Brunswick, often sees buckled Masonite hardboard siding on houses built in the - Cached - Similar
("May be joining an org soon! Trying one more year of membership somewhere… ")

Why do that you have the best method now You pay nothing and get to use 40% of NACHI and tell Nick and the NACHI members how bad it is and what’s wrong with NACHI and its members .
Why spoil a good thing ,Carry on being a parasite and enjoy ridiculing



The THREE I’s in action again, eh? Insinuate, Imply, Innuendo…There is nothing that connects me to Home-alyze except that they used someone else’s article. Yet you ask questions that insinuate that I owned a franchise or was connected to them…showing your best side again!! What a load of useless crap you’ve become!

Always trying to find some dirt on me…keep trying…watch out for your health, though!!

Our little game of “Roy and The BrianStalk” on again, Roy?

Simple questions where asked Not a game with me I am a NACHI member and support NACHI and the NACHI membership .
It Bothers me to have you come into our home and Insult NACHI, NICK and the nachi methods .

You seem to have a Constant HARD ON FOR NACHI and its members .

Sorry if the truth upsets you so much .

I think Roy’s got “Old Timers” disease. He’s about ready for his final dirt nap anyway.

Linas Gee too bad your memory is failing you .

this is what you had to say about Brian A. MacNeish

2/21/10 7:13 AM

He’s OK just a little naive. I wish he could join us in the members section where he get’s bashed on a daily basis. Too bad he can’t defend himself. He was offered a free membership but doesn’t have the smarts to pass that simple test.

Shall I go find what you had to say about Brian A. MacNeish in the same location, Roy? Oh, Right…you deleted it because it spoke the truth and you couldn’t stand that it came from yourself!! Didn’t it go something like “we need more like Brian.”?