Brian K Smith

What would you charge to make a decal of this?

The problem is that you have to find the median wants. There are going to be people who, after 2 hours you will deliver the exact product they want. Then there will be those who take 3 weeks. I would just find the time, effort, skill and equipment needed to accomplish your efforts (average) and then think of how much an hour you want to make and then go from there.

Your question is kinda like someone calling and saying they want a home inspection, give me a price. Too many variables to determine.

Does that help?

Unfortunately that decal would be hard for me to make, sure I could do it…however the vinyl would be stacked to get the layers/colors. The world part would not work on my system. I can cut just about anything out in vinyl, the key is to try and keep it one layer one color if you can…

also when you cut out vinyl if you have an open area that gets cut out what ever to stick it too that back ground color will also show…

email me the logo and I will play with it and see what I can do with

Sent. If you can’t you can’t but Now I understand better what you can do and will use you for some other projects. If I’m going to spend the money I would rather it go to a Nachi member.

I don’t know the decal business thats why I asked Brian. It may be better to have it made into a sticker. What you think?