Brick basement walls, interior basement drainage system previously installed

Let Bubba take you DOWN, cuz he’s going to… strawberry drain tiles, interior basement systems aren’t real…

Did the dumb az interior basement system STOP water from entering? Nope.
Homeowner recently bought this house, basement leaked, wondered why there was an increasing amount of efflorescence, and some mold, on interior basement walls.

Photo 1 duh house.

3–6 does any interior basement system and 199 sump pumps STOP water from entering anything like this? DUH, nope.

Does raising the grade? Pllllllllllllllease.

  1. around the window wells, HO did not want to remove wells which is always the best way to seal/waterproof this sht.

8, 9 ummm, do inside basement system stop water from entering this?
Huh? looool Negligent, incompetent sob’s.

  1. hydraulic cement FIRST, then thick mastic, visqueen and backfill with 99% gravel.

  2. end of brick basement walls, beginning of of block crawl wall

12, 13. no parging, no nothing on outside crawl wall, zero protection

14–17. Umm, somebody has dug here before, loool. See bottom of visqueen, about 4’ deep… see the little tar on wall? LOOlOlOLLLLL

So that is waterproofing huh?

18, 19. numerous OTHER small exterior openings/crevices

Strawberry Fields Forever
… MISUNDERSTANDING ALL you see, its getting hard to be an honest exterior contractor… Bubba think, err no, I mean, err yes, inside basement systems are all WRONG, that is, Bubba dang right disagrees.