Brick double-wythe: when/who to recommend

When do you recommend a specialist inspection of a brick double-wythe structure?

  1. Only if you see problems?
  2. If it’s beyond a certain age?
  3. Always?

And the recommendation:
4. Structural engineer?
5. Qualified masonry contractor?
6. Specialist in historic brick structures?

I would think it would depend on #1 and to what extent of the defect you find. If the defect appears to affect the structure, then #4 would be the recommendation.
If superficial like a brick joint that need repair, then #5 and any major renovation or repairs required by #4, work might have to be monitored using #6 and done by #5 if the building falls under #2.
There, did I touch all of them? LOL :rofl:

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Yep! I wasn’t really expecting an easy answer to this. Trying to write narratives for this section and wondering how far to go. Think I’m going to include a general description comment and then include narratives for 4, 5, and 6.