Bridge Work?

Don’t be dumb and drive…:smiley:


Why does the third photo show the boom sticking up though the road surface when the damage in the first and second photo do not show the impact as gpoing that high?

Paul I guess the front of the equipment was forced up by the impact until the boom managed to cut its way right through the bridge.

Can you imagine the energy involved in that, about 40 tons doing 70 mph!!

Crazy images, I wonder what color the drivers underwear was :mrgreen:



Definately brown Gerry with massive amounts of red mixed in. I would suggest if he survived the impact he is very badly broken up.

Hi. Dale;

That was some picture.
I guess if Newton’s second Law were to be followed, object will continue at rest or in MOTION in a straight line at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force. (bridge) OUCH. On that note, I would almost like to say that at twice the speed or mass, he would have cut the bridge in half.

The other aspect to this is what happened to the tractor.?? If traveling at 65 to 70 miles per hour and came to a dead stop in about 15-20 feet of shear on the bridge as I see, the jolt was obviously enough to shear the flatbed away from the tractor and catapult the driver out the windshield with seat belt and all, and sadly would say it was a fatal disaster for the driver.
Hopefully he survived.
Do you have the results of this accident. ??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think this photo should be reviewed for authenticity.

Sounds legitimate to me .

Origins: The photographs displayed above capture the aftermath of an accident that occurred on the evening of 13 February 2006 on Interstate 70 near Hays, Kansas. The driver of a semi-tractor trailer that was hauling a track hoe excavator on a flatbed misestimated the clearance at an overpass, and the boom of the hoe collided with the overpass and knocked a 45-foot gap through the deck of the bridge. The accident forced an 11-day closure of the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70. (The bridge itself remained closed even after the highway reopened.)

The driver of the rig was uninjured, although he was later cited for not having clearance to drive on the interstate. The Kansas Department of Transportation said the construction company for which the driver worked would be liable for the cost of repairs to the overpass, which were estimated at $134,000 as of late March 2006.

An Associated Press photo captured the scene the night of the accident: Roy Cooke SR …

In the third picture you can see the slice going from left to right where the impact occured and then cut its way through the overpass until coming to a stop. It didn’t force it’s way upward, it went through, left to right.

Gerry, his underwear was snowy white, because the plastic bag filled with coke and meth that was stuffed in his shorts burst on impact.