Bright Side if obama wins...

and we get a majority demoncratic government. We need ask Nick to lobby Congress to subsidize us inspectors, they can pay us not to inspect! :smiley:

I knew I had seen him before.,tax031308.article

Obama record shows he only targeted to raise taxes on people who make as little as $31,850. Clearly no home inspector makes enough and will be effected. :wink:


Is it that we only have 4 years?

The White Crib

I miss Hillary. Not the person, but the rage-filled attitude she had, filled with revenge for being robbed by Obama’s corruption.

Great forum:

Read hard,




Good one Michael.

Nice thing maybe the real estate market will boom. Since as one supporter stated, you won’t have to worry about paying a mortgage. :wink:


Well maybe not. This is a good article about Obama and Real Estate.


DEMON-cratic? Freudian slip?

Obama is the Oakland, California of Presidential Candidates. There’s no there, there!

Republican round-up for Tuesday’s election. :mrgreen:

Way to go Sarah! She’s got all the Dems in one place, faster to field dress them that way. Is that you in the front row joe, with your head up ones butt? :mrgreen:

Kenny It is a bit early for you to be drunk on Sunday, did you just drink straight through last night?

It is quite obvious that these aren’t Repugnantcan voters because they aren’t visibly paranoid. :wink:

That is only because the Republicans still think they have a shot at winning on Tuesday. :smiley:

Are you really dumb enough to think the election will be over by Tuesday? Me thinks you forgot how bad your memory is!